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Monday, December 01, 2008

All Aboard!!!

(Be sure to go all the way to the bottom as there is a special surprise for all the riders of ALL the blog trains I'm participating in this month!!!!!)

Welcome to the Purple Dragonfly Station!! Great to see you got here in time to join in the fun! Today we have 2 trains coming up the tracks, getting ready to stop here! We hope you have your snagging attire on as this could prove to be a whirlwind of a ride!!

Coming up on Track #1 is the Holidays at Home Blog Train from the ADS Designers!! Everyone has been working hard on their portions to bring a little piece of the holiday season right to you! Here is my part of the collaboration:


My part contains:

10 papers & 20 elements

And the download links are:

Papers – Full Sized (12 in x 12 in, 300 ppi) -- png and jpg in zip

Papers – Taggers Sized (600 pixels x 600 pixels, 300 ppi) – png and jpg in zip

Elements (300 ppi ... .png format)

And here are the other participants to this particular train. If you download, be sure to leave a comment as I’m sure they would love to hear from you! It’s nice to know when the hard work is appreciated!

Adele of Blind Sight Designs
Adventures in Scrapland
Amanda of Amandas Scrappy Creations
Amie of Amiebear
Beckmoores Scrapalittle
Becky's Scraps
Bouquet of Pixels
Brooke at Ahhh Scrap
CMB Designs
Creative Digital Scraps by Chiara
Deanna at Flower Scraps
Digital Keepsakes
Doodle Designs
Elemental Pixie
EmCee Scraps
Erika {aka PinkuPixie}
HeatherStokes at HSDesigns
Jayden's Mama
JIC Creations
Just Another Scrap
Kathy Goldstein
Lei at Fairydustprincess-Magicmaker
Linda at Linda's Dream Designs
Lynn of Heavenly Crafts
Lynn at TMA
Manda at Disaster in Designs
Merrilee Wheaton Designs
MsBhvin Scraps
My Little Corner of the World
Oase Panda Bear Designs
Pamela Yates at Pammy's Playground
Scrapping with Jen
Shabby Tagger
Shel at Shel Belle Scraps
Stacy at Kalo Designs
Teri at Teris Thing-O-My-Jigs
Wendi at Willow Grace Designs
WillowRaven at Purple Dragonfly Creations

And coming up on Track #2 is the Christmas Convoy Train! This train will be making stops all around the world so be sure to have your travelling clothes on and your snagging fingers ready. At last count, we had about 45 designers signed up to participate – and I know we had more joining us after that, so this is a very big kit, when combined! Here is my share of the train:

My share contains:

10 papers and 14 elements

And the download links are:

Papers – Full Sized - (12 in x 12 in, 300 ppi) – png and jpg in zip

Elements – 300 ppi, png format only

Now, this blog train is only for Full Size Kits… however… I have made the following tagger size papers available which are NOT part of the train, however they are the same papers as the ones you find in the Christmas Convoy kit. You do NOT have to download this if you don’t wish. I just know that some taggers (being a tagger myself) prefer the smaller size papers as they are easier to work with. For those that desire that size, here they are:

Papers – Tagger Size (600 pixels x 600 pixels, 300 ppi) – png and jpg in zip

EDIT: December 3, 2008 ... 8:15 AM Central Time, USA: For those who were here from December 1st to now, the link for the Tagger Sized Papers for the Christmas Convoy was incorrect. It originally brought you to the Elements download. My apologies for this error! The link has now been fixed and SHOULD bring you to the Tagger Sized Papers. If you still experience problems with this, PLEASE let me know. I am SOOOO sorry I didn't catch this sooner.

And the list of participating designers in the Christmas Convoy are:

05 - The Queen and the Princess Designs

06 - Carolyn at Digi Cyber Scraps

15 - Reeces Pieces Scraps

16 - LouCee Creations

20 - PinkuPixie Digital Designs

24 - Kolor Scapez

28 - Kcscrapper (Kathy Count)

29 - MoveFearlessly Designs

31 - Scrapping With Jen

32 - AJ’s Random Scraps

35 - Blind Sight Designs

38 - Idgie's Heartsong

39 - Saskia / Supersuzi

Be sure to remember to leave a comment if you download, as I am sure they would love to hear from you!

And.... as a special parting gift, for all the riders of all the trains I am participating in this month, I have made the following holiday gift for you:


(copyright is on a separate layer)

This was totally hand done by me - no tutorials or anything. I hope that you like it!! Here are the download links:

.png format

.psd format

.psp format

.pspimage format

Please remember that the designers in both blog trains are all over the world, which means different time zones, so if you don't see their portion on the blog, check back a little later! And remember, leave a little love as well all love to hear from you all and know you like what we are doing!

Now make sure you have all your luggage with you and all the kits you have collected so far, because the trains are about to leave for the next station! Check your maps and itineraries because you have some more traveling to do!

All right! All Aboard! Trains are leaving the station!!!

Happy Holidays, and remember, another holiday blog train will be pulling in to the Purple Dragonfly Station on December 15th, so be sure to come back, ya hear?

Until later – Happy Holidays!!


Digi Free said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 30 Nov [LA 09:00pm] - 01 Dec [NY 12:00am, UK 05:00am, OZ 04:00pm] ).

Ladye said...

Thank you!

lovetocraftbetty said...

Thank you very much for sharing your lovely part to the Christmas Convoy! Thanks for providing a full size kit!

Simply Sarah said...

thank you for your cute winter wonderland kit. I love your elements especially. Thanks for sharing, especially since it looks like you have been busy... happy holidays.

irishkathy said...

I guess I need to leave another thanks here with all the kits you've produced. I think with all the blog trains - I think there are at least 14, folks are just overwhelmed and are getting lost. You have outdone yourself!

MarthaElaine said...

You are a very busy lady! Thank you so much for the lovely gifts!

Beaver said...

Your 2nd blog train tagger papers
came up with the elements download for me somehow?? thought you might want to know...Thanks Beaver

Dawne said...

OMG, Chelle. You have been a busy girl. Thank you so much for the beautiful kits. Can't wait to see your Holly Jolly one.

ausbettsee47 said...

thanks heaps Chelle for your awesome contribution to the Holidays at Home blog train

WillowRaven said...

Beaver, thank you for letting me know. I have fixed the link so that it is now going to the correct file.

Pattycakes said...

Thanks for all the Christmas them!! :)

Barb said...

thanks so much lovely kit

Jacki said...

Thank you for the goodies!!

Melody aka pebbles7195 said...

I blogged about the Holidays at Home blogtrain and featured your kits!! Check it out and Thank you so much for sharing!! Hugs!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for sharing these great kits.


TerriM said...

Thank you-hugs!! (terri - hawaii)

Amberpony Creates said...

Thank you for all your Hard work and Generosity!
What Fun Can be had with all your Gifts!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your beautiful contribution to the CC train!

Michele said...

Beautiful kit and the santa is adorable! You are very talented! Thank you!