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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tornadoes in Oklahoma

As many of you may not know, Oklahoma was hit with some powerful tornadoes on February 10, 2009. While I live close to the affected areas, we were lucky to not have been hit. I could hear the sirens going off as I was driving to pick up my daughter from school, and they sounded so close, too. Usually the kids are outside, waiting for parents or the buses, however on that day, they had all the children in the building. When I pulled up, there were only a few faculty members outside and the usual police officer who is there for security for the school. The sky was very dark and cloudy and you could hear different reports coming over the radio in the police car. One of the tornadoes touched down right near a friend of ours, who lives about 10 minutes away. Many people lost their homes, businesses, and 8 people lost their lives.

The reason I am writing about this is, one of our fellow scrapping designers, Linda of Linda's Dream Designs, had family members (nephew and his family) affected by these tornadoes. Many designers - including myself - are joining together to participate in a collaboration kit to help them in their time of need. Here is the message I received from Joni at Bouquet of Pixels:

We will be doing a charity collab for Linda's (Linda's Dream Designs) nephew & his family. Here's a little of their story:

Joey and his wife, Karri, have 5 children: Kylie (12), Emily (10), Nathan (9), Cayden (8), and Braden (6). They were among the families tragically affected by the tornadoes in Oklahoma in February of 2009. They had a fire in their home during these storms, and they totally lost everything. They were unable to afford insurance and are, therefore, left with absolutely nothing. Their fire was due to the grass fires that happened and the storm winds stoked the fire that caught their home on fire. Thankfully, nobody was home at the time it happened, and they are all safe. They are staying with family for a short time but, as you can imagine with 7 people, it is very cramped and they can't stay long. The American Red Cross is supposed to be giving them $400 to put towards rent on a place to live and they will also be giving them some clothes and toys for the kids.

The color palette can be seen here. You may add white and black as well. The theme will be a kids theme (think playground, toys, fun, etc.). The name will be For The Kids. You can do as much or as little as you wish. Please name your part with your design name_forthekids_item. Please make a preview of your part and include your TOU in your zip. When you are finished, please upload it to FTP and email me to let me know that you have finished it.

It will be due no later than March 10, 2009. If you can get it completed sooner, that would be great. If we can get the whole collab on the market sooner, that means that we can start making money for this family sooner!

I will also have a donate button that will be available to put on your blog (if you choose) so people can choose to either donate money or purchase the kit.

Remember...this is an optional kit! If you would like to participate, please sign up HERE.

I have been in touch with Joni, who told me that anyone interested in this can find out more information at this link:

I will keep you posted on the kit - when it is completed and ready to purchase.

Please keep all of those who were affected, in your prayers.
Thank you.