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Monday, August 18, 2008

The Blue is Through!

Hello everyone!

Sorry this has taken me longer than I had anticipated. Had to deal with some personal stuff going on with my daughter, and had to get back-to-school stuff taken care of as she goes back this Thursday (August 21st). Her school has a pretty strict dress code (black/white/maroon/gold shirts, polo style only, 3 buttons.... black or khaki pants...all black or all white hoodies or sweatshirts allowed)...and she attends a public school in Oklahoma City, and no, they do not help supply the school clothes. You know how difficult it is to find polo shirts when they aren't in style? We managed to find some at Target in the Junior's section for about $10 each, so we got a few now plus 2 pairs of black pants, and we will get her some more shirts next month. Because the name of the school has not changed, she can use the shirts she had last year as 'back-up' shirts, since they are a little faded from a year's worth of use.

Anyways, after working on this kit for about the last 3 weeks, I finally have it done. The colors in this kit were inspired by a wallpaper that my friend, Diana, made, called "Painted Pier" (can be seen here). I made 2 color palettes from that wallpaper - this blue one, and the All Natural Kit that I shared a few weeks ago. I've been finding that I'm doing that a lot - finding color palettes for future kits from either wallpapers that have been shared (especially from Diana as she always finds the most amazing photos to use!) or from other graphics I've found along the way. I am also working on 2 more kits at the moment, so I should be pretty busy over the next few weeks!

This particular kit, which I called "Pier at the Walkway" (sort of loosely named after the wallpaper), is one of the largest kits I have shared so far, with the following included:

10 papers
2 flowers
1 glassy water drop
2 tags
2 ribbons (*)
4 bows (*)
2 decorations
3 buttons
2 frame corners
2 swirls

(items marked with a star were made with scripts by Joske)

Here is the preview to the very bluish kit:


And the download links are here:


.jpg format
.png format
.psp format
.pspimage format


.png format
.psp format
.pspimage format

Thank you so much for looking and downloading my kit(s) and I look forward to having something new up soon, so be sure to check back often if you like what you see!!

Until then....