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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tag, You're It!

Well, I've been tagged again! This makes #4 for me (#2 and #3 were at the same time, a couple of weeks back). This time my tagger is Debb over at DeBee DeZines - thank you Debb!!

As for the 7 "facts" about goes:

1. I'm on 250+ yahoogroups! Of those, I either own and/or moderate about 30 of them.
2. Growing up in Massachusetts, we had a family friend who owned a lobster boat and I spent a lot of time on it, learning to "plug" (and then later, "band") the lobsters. I loved being out on the boat.
3. I would rather fruit over vegetables to get my "5 a day".
4. I'm a packrat! LOL
5. I've never been in a car accident where it has been my fault. (Have only been in 2 my entire life - first when I was a child and my dad was driving - guy ran a red light and hit us....second time I was driving and the other guy ran the red light, causing $2200 in damage to my '66 Mustang!)
6. I've always liked doing things with my hands - typing, cross-stitch, crochet, playing piano, etc. My 3rd grade teacher even made a comment about that on my report card.
7. My 2 childhood best friends were Ellen and Chrissie.

Ok.... now its time to find 7 people to tag, and list them here. I'm choosing:

1. Celly:
2. Candee:
3. Stella:
4. Norma:
5. April:
6. Witchy:
7. Liz:

Off to let them know ....

Also, working on 2 more kits - kinda bouncing between the 2 as I get ideas. Will post when they are ready! Keep your eyes open if you like what you see and are waiting for something new.

Thanks for checking this out!
Until later....


Tags Made with my Creations

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