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Friday, October 17, 2008

I've Received the "Proximidade" Award

I've received the beautiful Proximidade Award (aka the "Butterfly Award"), with many thanks to MissLadyHawke. Such a wonderful surprise! I feel very honored to have received this award.

Here is the award:

It's the "Proximidade" or "Friendship Around The World" Award. The purpose of this award is to highlight blogs that are special to you and to spread friendship around the world.

In return, I nominate the following 3 wonderful people for this award:

1. Tracie, of Neeny's Place
2. Tizzy, of Tizzy Made Me Do It
3. Lynne, of Baby Cakes Scraps


And here's hoping you all have a wonderful weekend!!!


Holding on to the Springtime

I guess this is one of my last-ditch attempts to hold on to springtime. It's been getting colder here at night and the days are even starting to get cooler. I don't mind the cool days so much - love springtime and autumn the best - just not looking forward to the extreme cold that wintertime brings. We have a frost advisory out for this morning.... will be interesting to see if we actually get any.

However, I was playing around with the different filters and shapes and such in PSP and trying to get better at making my own shapes and such, and made the following "spiky" flowers. They come in 8 vibrant colors and of course I had to get my purple in there too! Here is the preview:


and the upload links, in the usual 3 formats:

.png format
.psp format
.pspimage format

Hope you like them! If you make anything with them, I'd love to see it.
Be sure to check back often as I'm always working on something!

Think I'm heading to bed in a little bit as it is after 5:30 AM here. Hope you all have a wonderful day and start to the weekend.

Until next time...