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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Tut Using Astro's Blues

Just wanted to share a new tutorial with you. The tutorial is called Dark Angel and it uses the freebie kit Astro's Blues. The tutorial was written by Astro, actually, and she did a wonderful job using the artwork of Barbara Jensen.

Here is what the tag looks like:

And here is the link for the tutorial:

Tutorial - Dark Angel

Be sure to check it out!!!


Friday, August 20, 2010

New Site to Advertise Freebies

I know some people might be interested in this - new site to advertise your freebies:
Giveaway Scout

All you need to do is add their widget on your blog (I put mine along the right side, in the area where I list the sites I advertise at) and post a few lines about their service...... your freebies should show in the widget once it's approved. Sounds like a fair deal to me - and more exposure!! I listed myself under Arts & Crafts, since that's where you usually find things like Scrapbooking.

Check it out !!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Calling All Princesses! Come Aboard!!

Yes, yes I know…. I’m late in posting my part of the blog train and for that I am truly truly sorry. For some reason I thought I had to put it up Sunday for Monday’s release and it was actually suppose to go live on Sunday instead of Monday, so my apologies for messing up the date!

Without further ado, here is my part for the CAROABT’s Princess Party Blog Train:


My part of the train comes in both full and tagger size. The full size is 300 ppi, papers are 3600 pixels x 3600 pixels (12 inch x 12 inch), png format with matching jpgs. The elements are proportionately sized. The tagger size is 72 ppi, papers are 700 pixels x 700 pixels, png format with matching jpgs. The elements are proportionately sized.

And here are the download links:

And here is the listing of the participating designers and their blog links:

Photobucket= You Are Here!

Please remember that the designers in this train are all over the world, which means different time zones, so if you don't see their portion on the blog, check back a little later! And remember, leave a little love when you visit, as well all love to hear from you all and know you like what we are doing!

See You All Next Time!!

Monday, August 02, 2010

A Freebie Kit For a Friend

Hey everyone! I've been wanting to finish up this kit for a while so I could share it!

I made this kit for a friend of mine who goes by the nickname of Astro. She loves the color blue, and teddy bears, so I decided to surprise her and make this kit for her. Everything (except the bows) is made by me - even the teddy bear. I hope that she - and you - like it!!

Here is the preview:


(bows made with script by Sirena Mala of Paradise Scraps - thanks Sirena!)

The kit is available in both Full Size and Tagger Size. The Full Size is at 300 ppi, papers at 12 inch x 12inch with matching jpg's, and the elements are proportionately sized. The Tagger Size is 72 ppi, papers at 700 pixels x 700 pixels with matching jpg's, and the elements are proportionately sized.

Here are the download links:

Full Size Kit
Tagger Size Kit

If you make something with it, please share as I'd love to see it.

And Astro..... surprise!!! I've been working on this for you since March!!

Thanks for looking everyone and be sure to check back often.