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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Tag Template

Hello everyone!

I have a new tag template for you all, just in time for New Years. I hope you like it and if you make anything with it, I'd love to see. Here is a preview of the template:


The template comes in 2 different formats: .pspimage and .psd - here are the download links:

.psd format

And here is an AMAZING tag that Lynne (a fellow member on the group, Dragon's Lair Tubes) made for me with the template:


Didn't she do a spectacular job?  Thanks Lynne - I love it!!!

Thanks for looking and come back soon!!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Tutorial with My Kit

I just had to share this most wonderful creation!!  Mary, who is in charge of the CT at Scrappin' with Friends, wrote up this fantastic tutorial using my "Giving Thanks" kit, which can be found HERE and looks like this:


Here is the amazing tag she made:


and the tutorial can be found HERE.

Thank you Mary - you did a fantastic job!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Up Your Art Promotion - We Love Kim and Peter - Please Read!

UpYourArt has generously offered to hold a 24-hour promotion on Friday, September 23,

10am USA Central Time until Saturday, September 24, 10am (CT), in which 50% of the
total sales will go towards helping to raise funds for Kim and Peter
(owners of PSP-Playground, Artists That Allow and Dragon's Lair Tubes groups),
who lost everything by the recent Hurricane and floods.
For those who purchase tubes on that day, there will be a random drawing
where customers will have a chance to WIN tubes. 1st pick wins 3 tubes,
2nd and 3rd wins 2 tubes.  The 3 lucky winners will be announced on
Saturday, September 24 by UpYourArt.
All Order receipts must be sent on or before the deadline, September 24,
10am USA Central Time, otherwise they will not count towards this promotion.
You may either send them to:
Dragon's Lair Owner's email
or Raps at UpYourArt Customer Service
with the EXACT SUBJECT line "We Love Kim and Peter"
Sales will be tallied up for that day and 50% will be sent directly to
Kim's paypal account.
So please spread the word, go grab some tubes at on Friday,
September 23 and help us raise as much as you can to help Kim and Peter
during this difficult time.
On behalf of Kim and Peter, Thank you, your help is immensely appreciated..

Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Tag Template From Me!

I know, it's been quite a while since I posted a freebie for you all.  I actually made this in response to a challenge that a list member put forth on the group Snaggers Annonymous, which is a copyright compliant group I help moderate.  The challenge was to make a "smart aleck" tag template, so I did, and then made a tag with the template for the person that put up the challenge.  So, I figured while I was at it, I'd put the template here for anyone interested in snagging it up -- here is a preview of the template:


The template comes in 2 different formats: .pspimage and .psd

And here is the tag I made with the template:


And here is one that my friend, Astro made for me:
isn't it awesome??

Thanks for looking and please, if you snag the template, leave some love?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Good News

Well I have some wonderful news!  The store I am selling at - Scrappin' With Friends - will NOT be closing!!  I am so glad to hear this as I have made some good friends there and really hated to see the store close.  So anyone looking to purchase my scrapping items may still do so!!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Selling Status

I am just writing to let you all know that I have put in my notice at Sunflower Scraps Boutique and as of April 28, 2011, I will no longer be selling my scraps there.  I wish all the designers and the store continued success.  Additionally, as it stands now, my other store - Scrappin' With Friends - is set to close down end of May.  So if any of you are interested in purchasing any of my items, you might wanna scoot on over to one of them and grab them while you can.  I am not sure if SWF will be doing a 'closing sale' - if they do, I will probably take part.  If/When that happens, I will keep you posted.

Currently I am not sure what I will be doing once I am no longer with these stores.  I have not had much luck in regards to selling scraps - mine just don't seem to 'interest' many people (and for those who HAVE purchased my items, I wish to say right now, THANK YOU!!  It is very very much appreciated!!).  If I thought that there were people interested in purchasing them, then I would continue to find another store and try selling however at this point, I am undecided, so if anyone would like to give some input, I'm all ears.

I will continue to offer freebies here and there, participate in blog trains as the opportunity arises and will see what else comes my way.  I am not quitting, just looking for some feedback to determine if continuing digital scrapping and designing is actually wanted by others, because honestly, if no one wants it or likes it or will use it, why bother?  It's just nice to know you are liked and appreciated, that's all.

Anyways, for those who have followed me, for those who have liked me, downloaded my stuff, and even purchased my scraps, I sincerely, genuinely thank you.  It is because of you that I have hung in this long.  I hope that you stick around, check back from time to time and continue to find stuff that you like and will use.

If anyone uses my scraps, templates (etc), please feel free to share them with me!  I would love to see it - and would love to show it off here on my blog!!


Wednesday, March 09, 2011

New Tag Template

Hello all!  Just a quick swing through as I drop by with a new tag template for you all.  This was made in response to a challenge on the MTA Taggers group to make either a tag template, word art or snag with a fantasy theme so here is the tag template I made:


Preview is smaller than actual template.

And here are the downloads, both in .pspimage and .psd format:

.psd format

and here is a tag I made with the template:


Thanks tonz for looking and if you make something with it, I'd love to see!


Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Yeah! New Tag Template!

I was listening to the song "Yeah!" by Usher and felt really inspired to make this tag - just sort of popped in to my head so I opened up PSP real quick and got this done before I totally lost the idea!  I hope you like it and if you make something with it, please share?  I'd love to see it and will even post it on my blog for others to see as well!!!

Here is a preview of the template:

preview is actually smaller than actual tag template.
It is available in 2 different formats:  .pspimage and psd

and here are the download links:

Thanks so much for checking out and be sure to stop back often for other goodies!!

EDIT:  adding

Just wanted to share a tag that Maria, at MTA Taggers, made with my template using the work of Lady Mishka:


Isn't it great???