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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Up Your Art Promotion - We Love Kim and Peter - Please Read!

UpYourArt has generously offered to hold a 24-hour promotion on Friday, September 23,

10am USA Central Time until Saturday, September 24, 10am (CT), in which 50% of the
total sales will go towards helping to raise funds for Kim and Peter
(owners of PSP-Playground, Artists That Allow and Dragon's Lair Tubes groups),
who lost everything by the recent Hurricane and floods.
For those who purchase tubes on that day, there will be a random drawing
where customers will have a chance to WIN tubes. 1st pick wins 3 tubes,
2nd and 3rd wins 2 tubes.  The 3 lucky winners will be announced on
Saturday, September 24 by UpYourArt.
All Order receipts must be sent on or before the deadline, September 24,
10am USA Central Time, otherwise they will not count towards this promotion.
You may either send them to:
Dragon's Lair Owner's email
or Raps at UpYourArt Customer Service
with the EXACT SUBJECT line "We Love Kim and Peter"
Sales will be tallied up for that day and 50% will be sent directly to
Kim's paypal account.
So please spread the word, go grab some tubes at on Friday,
September 23 and help us raise as much as you can to help Kim and Peter
during this difficult time.
On behalf of Kim and Peter, Thank you, your help is immensely appreciated..

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