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Saturday, February 07, 2009

A Request, Please?

Just a request for those who are snagging the little animations and whatnot from my blog.... I am very flattered that you like the animations and wish to snag them for your own personal usage. Please, my only request is that you save them down to your computer and then either upload them directly to wherever you are using them, or use a photo sharing site (like Photobucket) to store the images. The reason I ask is, all my scrap previews, as well as the background for my blog, all the little animations, blinkies (etc) I have stored on 2 Photobucket accounts that normally don't exceed about 5% of the monthly usage (which is 25 *GB* per month for a free account) and one of the accounts has already exceeded the usage for February, which is HIGHLY unusual, since last month it didn't even go over 3%. That is a VERY big jump. I have had to make 2 more new Photobucket accounts and am in the process of moving images around (and having to edit my posts to reflect the change of location for images), which is time-consuming.

Again, please, I don't mind if you snag the images for your use, or for previews for emails, or whatever. Please, all I ask is not to hotlink the images that I use on my blog that are connected to my Photobucket accounts as #1) that is considered bandwidth stealing, which is illegal and #2) it is maxing out my Photobucket accounts and is causing problems not only with the images already on my blog, but the ability to post images in the future onto my blog.

Thank you for understanding.



Deborah (damc) said...

I have a challenge for you on my blog go to
Deborah (damc)

Joni V said...

You have a challenge awaiting you on my blog